The following procedure is recommended when breaking-in a Red Arrow Weapon Rifle, although it can be used on other rifles as well.

  1. Shoot one round and clean. Do this for the first ten rounds.
  2. Shoot three rounds and clean. Do this for the next 15 rounds.
  3. Shoot five rounds and clean.
  4. Shoot a fouler round.
  5. Shoot three rounds for accuracy.

NOTE: Allow barrel to cool to ambient temperature before shooting each series of break-in rounds to avoid unnecessary throat erosion. Do not shoot your rifle in succession until the barrel is too hot to touch with a bare hand.


  1. Clean powder residue from bore using a solvent following instructions on the bottle.
  2. Follow with a copper remover to remove copper fouling. Instructions on bottle work the best.
  3. Follow with a second group of patches coated in solvent. Follow with dry patches until all residue is removed from the bore.
  4. Next run a patch lightly coated with gun oil Shooting a dry bore will greatly promote copper fouling.
  5. Finish with a dry patch to remove excess oil from the bore. Firing the rifle with excess oil left in the bore can cause higher chamber pressures and is not recommended.
  • Use a one-piece cleaning rod.
  • Use a bore guide.
  • Clean from chamber end only.
  • Do not use a stainless steel bore brush.
  • Do not leave strong ammonia cleaning products in your bore for extended periods of time.
  • Do not allow solvents to contact stock as it can remove the finish.


Once the barrel is broken in, remember to clean the barrel after approximately every 20 to 40 rounds to keep accuracy optimal. A dirty bore is a primary cause of poor accuracy.

Credit to Nosler and Adapted from their barrel break-in procedure.