How to Order

Ordering Process

Add to Cart

Select the Firearm(s), Part(s), or Apparel you would like to purchase and click "Add to Cart." For certain items, you will need to select which color or size you would like from the drop down menu.

Step 1

View Your Cart

Once you have added the item(s) for purchase to your cart , click on the "shopping cart" icon in the top right corner of the website. There you can either select to "View Your Cart" or "Checkout."  

Step 2


If you are purchasing fully assembled firearms or Lowers, once you have selected "Checkout" the following message will appear,

"Because you're about to celebrate your glorious Second Amendment rights, we need you to select the closest FFL from the map provided by entering your zip code"

You can then "X" out of that box.

Step 3

Billing Info

You will then see that on the left side of the screen you will enter your billing information.

**Please note that the billing address must match the credit card billing address or your transaction will fail.**

On the right side of the screen you will see "Select FFL Dealer" and below it a place to enter your zip code and a drop down menu to select the radius in miles that you want it to search.

Select which FFL/Gun Store you would like your items shipped to from this list.

**Also please note, with the state of the country, it is advised that you contact the FFL/Gun Store you would like to use ahead of time to a) make sure they are still in business, b) see if they are accepting firearms for transfers, and c) find out the fee they will charge you for the transfer.

You will need to contact them one more time after the purchase is made as well, so save their number!
See Below!

Step 4

Credit Card Information

At the bottom of the page you will enter your credit card information.

Step 5

Terms and Conditions

Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box.

Step 6

Place Order

Click the "Place Order" button.

You will receive receipt/email confirmation shortly after your order is placed.

Your order will show "Processing" until the day it ships. On the day it ships you will receive an email with tracking information.

IN ORDER TO PREVENT DELAYS IN SHIPPING, please contact the FFL/Gun Store you are having your items shipped to and request that they email a copy of their FFL and include your Order Number (which can be found on your receipt) in the "Subject Line" to:
Step 7

Any questions can be sent to:

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